The "Minka" is one of the main institutions in Peru. When someone needs to build a house, or do any kind of community project, neighbors and relatives get together and work. The owner of the house provides food and liquor for everyone. In this case, we can see the construction of an adobe house owned by Flora Guzma?n, in Andarapa. Several dozen men are working in the construction, mainly neighbors, and a dozen women are helping with the food. A Minka is happy event, where people work, eat, dance and strenghten their connection with their community. (Pablo Corral Vega/© Pablo Corral Vega)

 (Pablo Corral)

The gardens in these photographs are the sparse remnants left after development, found in a gorge, at icy heights impracticable for agriculture, and too far from highways to have been disturbed. Most are orphans or fugitives from development.

The tango is the music of immigrants — Italians, Spaniards, Germans — who came to the area of the Río de la Plata in the late nineteenth century. They had left everything behind — it’s only natural that the tango is filled with nostalgia.

Despite the injustices and mistreatment that has occurred and still occurs in our societies, despite our violent history, two worlds — the white world and the Indian world — are intermingled in our culture, in our lives, in our being

This is a project I began in 1985. Every weekend I would drive out to the mountain. On those trips, I grew to know the wind. The wind is the voice of the mountain, the wind tells us when we are welcome, when it’s best to go back — it guides us…

The plains of central Australia are a horizontal chasm. One’s eyes can travel no more than a few yards across the flat continent, and they find relief only in the immensity of the sky. This region of Australia is the most inhospitable…

Romania is a country that suffered for decades under the black hand of a messianic government whose mission was to re-found the nation. In the name of utopias, governments have created poverty, inefficiency, cults of personality.

The first time I went to Rio, I was captivated — changed, in fact — by the city’s charms. “What are these uncomplicated people made of, that they smile so spontaneously, walk so self-confidently?

Cambodia has unquestionably suffered. The years following 1970 — first when it become involved in the Vietnam War and then with the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime, which murdered a third of the population — have left an especially profound mark…