Pablo Corral Vega


I had a beautiful teacher whose name was Carolina Hidalgo Vivar. She taught me to look at the world with gratitude and tenderness. I have traveled Ecuador in an attempt to find healing following her death, trying to find a formula for converting grief into beauty.

The tango is the music of immigrants — Italians, Spaniards, Germans — who came to the area of the Río de la Plata in the late nineteenth century. They had left everything behind — it’s only natural that the tango is filled with nostalgia.

Despite the injustices and mistreatment that has occurred and still occurs in our societies, despite our violent history, two worlds — the white world and the Indian world — are intermingled in our culture, in our lives, in our being

This is a project I began in 1985. Every weekend I would drive out to the mountain. On those trips, I grew to know the wind. The wind is the voice of the mountain, the wind tells us when we are welcome, when it’s best to go back — it guides us…

Please, if you are offended by nudity, don’t open this gallery. Eros is a personal project, a combination of simple black and white portraits and nudes taken with no make-up or artificial lights.

The plains of central Australia are a horizontal chasm. One’s eyes can travel no more than a few yards across the flat continent, and they find relief only in the immensity of the sky. This region of Australia is the most inhospitable…

Romania is a country that suffered for decades under the black hand of a messianic government whose mission was to re-found the nation. In the name of utopias, governments have created poverty, inefficiency, cults of personality.

The first time I went to Rio, I was captivated — changed, in fact — by the city’s charms. “What are these uncomplicated people made of, that they smile so spontaneously, walk so self-confidently?

Cambodia has unquestionably suffered. The years following 1970 — first when it become involved in the Vietnam War and then with the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime, which murdered a third of the population — have left an especially profound mark…