The heritages of Quito

Quito's heritage must be understood in its various dimensions: architectural, historical, geographical, natural and cultural. That is why in this book we speak of heritages, in plural. Without a doubt, the greatest wealth of our city is its creative and diverse people.

Visible Cities

In this book published in English by the Ministry of Culture of Quito we reflect on the Latin American city from a journalistic perspective. We have worked closely with the Fundación Gabriel García Márquez para el Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano.

Election of Miss Rurality

Speech during the election of the queen of rurality in Calacalí. It was especially difficult to write this text because I am opposed to beauty pageants but I consider it important to respect the traditions of rurality.

Intimacy is political

Speech at the opening of the exhibition of the same name. When we allow ourselves to observe the political dimension of intimacy we are forced to be defenders at all costs of tenderness, of consent.

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