Nothing as important as love. Nothing that touches us so intimately. Nothing that expresses more fully the desolation of solitude, the abyss, doubt. Nothing as magical as the touch of skin upon skin. Nothing as mysterious as that contact between two beings. Because this encounter makes us believe that death cannot come near us, that even as we are now, naked and vulnerable, we will live to the end of time. Nothing as eternal as the fleeting union between two who have the power to astound each other. And nothing as improbable as that coming together; were there but one missing link in the chain of the ancestors, the chain would have been dissolved. Were but a single ancestor removed and not be a link toward the formation of a new couple—and it is the couple that determines the course of the centuries—you would not be here, you would not be who you are, your lips would not be the lips I know. It is improbable, nearly impossible, that you exist, and because you exist, despite everything, a victorious triumph over fate, only I can love you.

Perhaps I will love you only for a moment, the moment it takes for the shutter to condemn you to a long and immobile youth. Maybe I want to love you and I don’t know how. Maybe your beauty isn’t enough to love you. Maybe I loved you long before I met you. Maybe I want you to bring your lips closer to mine – I don’t dare to break your raving. We are two shipwrecks fleeing from death, and your skin, only your skin is the anchor that holds me, the map with which I navigate in the impenetrable night. You love me much more than you think, much more than you know. Fear makes me believe that I will not be able to die alone, to get sick alone, to hurt alone, to fall into the abyss alone. Fear makes me believe that I will not be alone, that it is possible to combine fears and desires, mine and yours.

When I am naked, when you are naked, we have nothing to hide. We are exposed, supported by the fragile balance of the other. We are naked before the universe: there is no other way to present ourselves before the mystery.